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July 2020 : LB Monthly Finds

What’s that? A LBMF arriving on time? Who’d’ve thought! Check out this curated list of lanky goodness to start you week, either with the archived playlist version below or the monthly updated one!

Sanfoka Trío – Tradición & Vanguardia (2018)

Colombia trío of flute, acoustic guitar and bass. One of the best flautists I’ve heard in a minute. Fabulous musicianship all around. – Hoggy

submitted by Hoggy

The Moody Blues – Days of Future Passed (1967)

How was this made in 1967 and why does most Symphonic Prog sound cheesy? – Pokes

submitted by Pokes

Rabih Abou-Khail – Blue Camel (1992)

Amazing fusion of jazz with traditional Arabic music. Listen to a night in the mountains and you feel like being somewhere in the dessert. Unfortunately the last song isn’t available in my region. – Richard

submitted by Richard

Lianne La Havas – Lianne La Havas (2020)

Yes. – Shroomie

submitted by Shroomie

Dope Gems – Necksnappin’ (2014)

Not sure how this album got slept on… but I’m glad I discovered it. – Shroomie

submitted by Shroomie

Underground Resurrection – Reality (2015)

A great funk jam reissue, originally from 1976, from a record company I’ll be following a little more closely from now on, Athens of the North. – Kip

submitted by Kip

OO Soul – Ramon (1999)

Floots! A fellow lanker suggested a couple tracks from this album for my funky space odyssey playlist. In addition to those jams, I found some flutes. – Kip

submitted by Kip

Grupo Magnetico – Papa Was a Rolling Stong (2018)

A smooth Latin cover from the same label as Underground Resurrection. – Kip

submitted by Kip

I’m a stranger – Tommy McGee (2020)

New release of this wonderful soul from the 70s. Wonderful. – Richard

submitted by Richard

De Wolff – Tascam Tapes (2020)

Recorded on tour on a Tascam 4 track recorder with a sampler, a battery powered synthesizer and a guitar directly connected to it. Shows you don’t need fancy equipment to make an excellent album. – Richard

submitted by Richard

Vampyros Lesbos (Original Score) [Sexadelic Dance Party) – Vampire Sound Inc. (1969)

Lesbos is an OST for a b-list Italian horror film that was made in the 70’s, though the compilation album did not become readily available until the 90’s. I came across “The Lions and The Cucumber” on Spotify and decided to check the album out. I was not at all disappointed. The instrumentation used throughout the album is very versatile. I would call this album 60’s psych-groove All in all I would say Sexadelic Dance Party is a Terrifidelic album. – scottty

submitted by scottty

Y-Bayani and Baby Naa & their Band of Enlightenment Reason and Love – Nsie Nsie (2020)

Amazing modern reggae from Africa. Ebo Taylor’s son makes up the crew. One of the best listens I’ve had this year. – Hoggy

submitted by Hoggy

Farafina – Faso Denou (1993)

In Faso Denou, this ensemble from Burkina Faso brings the percussion of the West African tama drum, at the core of its sound, in conversation with the mystical reverberations of the flute. The djembe and two balafons lend the album a full-bodied joy that shines through in every song on this album. – Poinciana

submitted by Poinciana

Punta Diamante – Afrodelia (2020)

This album features a combination of Afrobeat, Jazz and Afrocaribbean music. While listening to this album I constantly found myself putting on the stank face and bop my head involuntarily. – Joja

submitted by Joja

Keleketla! – Keleketla! (2020)

Huge Afrobeat project, featuring some of my favourite artists, including Shabaka Hutchings, Joe Armon-Jones, Tenderlonious and the late Tony Allen. And you gotta leave it to that man – as a founding father of the genre, he still kept pushing it to new dimensions until the very end. Rest in peace, Tony. – Joja

submitted by Joja

Soulstance – The Modern African Spirit (2019)

Full of deep bass rhythms, I would consider this album to be equal parts afro-house and Jazz. The album follows a similar flow from front to back, but the instrumentation and vocals used are very diverse. This keeps the album fresh while maintaining a familiar groove throughout. Off of this album, I am choosing to spotlight “Return To Africa.” This song is a great representation of type of percussion and bass lines used throughout the album that seamlessly fuze together. – scottty

submitted by scottty

Makaya McCraven – Universal Beings E&F Sides (2020)

Universal Beings was among the Lanky Bastards favourite records (see the blog post), so learning that there’s more from exactly where that came from was great. And seeing names like Ashley Henry, Shabaka Hutchings, Junius Paul, Nubya Garcia, Jeff Parker and many more in the credits, only shows how much this new Jazz community is working together to reanimate and develop this genre. – Joja

submitted by Joja

Manfredo Fest – Brazilian Dorian Dream (1976)

👀 – Shroomie

submitted by Shroomie

Coffy – Roy Ayers, Various (1973)

Coffy is an OST scored by Roy Ayers. The story of the movie is about a black female vigilante played (Coffy) who seeks violent revenge against a heroin dealer responsible for her sister’s addiction. I have never seen this movie but I can tell the OST paints a great picture of the ups and downs of the film. Roy Ayers keeps the groove we all expect from the xylophone genius, but also adds elements that really help paint a scene. Spotlight for this album is “Exotic Dance”. – scottty

submitted by scottty

Soft Power – Brink of Extinction (2020)

Very smooth jazz-rock effort from the Helsinki outfit, with a heavy message. The bandcamp blog for this album is worth a read, to give you the vibe the band were aiming for. The track listing is self explanatory. – Hoggy

submitted Hoggy

ADMAS – Sons of Ethopia (1984)

Admas is a group made up of Ethipiopian expats in Washinton DC who were esacaping the Derg. This album was carefully constructed on a 4 track cassette recorder in a period of 8 months while the band was playing music at a popular Ethopian restaraunt. This is a fantastic low key funk, and pop record, with elements from all over the world. – Matt

submitted by Matt

Surprise Chef – All News Is Good News (2020)

Cinematic, downtempo soul-jazz-funk debut from Melbourne-based band that somehow holds nostalgic value despite its reimagining of soul with a fresh pair of ears. – Poinciana

submitted by Poinciana

Brandee Younger – Soul Awakening (2019)

I “harp” on about this album, but only because the delicate and resounding trills of the harp by Brandee Younger seem to make a persuasive case for the harp to be a feature of more, if not all, jazz ensembles. Saxophonist Ravi Coltrane and Sean Jones on the trumpet get down to the brass tacks and anchor the cosmic vibes produced by the harp. – Poinciana

submitted by Poinciana

“gift” at Sogetsu Hall – Ichika Aoba (2020)

So I stumble upon this knows nothing of the artist but ends up listening to the whole album and loving it. It’s Japanese modern soft folk music and it really does put your mind at ease. I really recommend this live album for those whose looking for relaxing music. – Fadhly

submitted by Fadhly

That’s it for July! August is going to be a great month for music releases, I can smell it. Yes I developed a sense of smell for future bangers. Once you lose your thumbs your other senses are heightened, as they say. If you want to send in your thumbs to support us, contact our head of finance, Boo. We hope you are all having a great summer and stay safe!

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