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August 2020 : LB Monthly Finds

As always, here is our strictly punctual monthly playlist of discoveries !

August playlist :

Link for the constantly up-to-date LBMF playlist

Finds from our crew :

Condor Gruppe – Interplanetary Travels (2018)

Epic movie soundtracks without the visuals. Each song could be it’s own short film, having their own distinct feel.

Sumitted by Granddesign

Bananagun – The True Story of Bananagun (2020)

The best of 60’s pysch combined with some funk and afrobeat thrown in. This group knew exactly what they wanted to create, and the execution is flawless.

Submitted by Granddesign

Isaac Birituro & The Rail Abandon – Kalba (2019)

Submitted by Poinciana

Island Sounds from Japan 2009-2016 (2020) – Various Artists

Submitted by Hoggy

Parblue – Dans cette zik (2020)

Disco, funk and jazz fusion topped with Latin and afro beats. It is released on Periodica Records label and I am enjoying other releases on that label as well.

Submitted by Richard

Avantdale Bowling Club – Avantdale Bowling Club (2018)

Another album with fusion of jazz and hip hop. Apparently the artist spent all his money on this and wanted to step out of business due to lack of success. Seems he came back to this decision and delivered a live album this year.

Submitted by Richard

Oscar Jerome – Breathe Deep (2020)

Submitted by Poinciana

Oneness of Juju – African Rhythms 1970-1982 (2020)

The leader of the band was playing a daily 10 minute gig on his porch when covid broke out. This compilation covers different incarnations of the band. The band started playing Avant Garde jazz like Pharao Sanders . Later they started adding more R&B elements btontheir music.

Submitted by Richard

Billy Hoyle – Bruxo (2019)

Back on my bullshit. Digging this hippy hoppy boppy thing. It’s got love, wings, jazz, fat basslines, and buttery voices. I’m mostly about the basslines.

Submitted by erica

Quantic, Alice Russel – Look Around The Corner (2012)

This album has a lot of fusion in it and Quantic did a great job blending it all together creating a nice, smooth sound. Alice Russel is a vocalist I have always danced around liking vs. not really enjoying. In this album she showcases her talent perfectly, anchoring a soul feel over Quantic’s (mostly) latin rhythms.

Submitted by Scotty

Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers – Just Coolin’ (previously unreleased studio session)

Grab your martinis and gather round for a good time, folks.

Submitted by Poinciana

Soul Dolphin – Cosmic Hustle (2020)

My old friends from a bygone era and possibly an alternate timeline made this sizzler and it rules. Make sure you listen for the psychedelic indie soul alien vibes.

Submitted by erica

Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Company – Ceres Motion (1973)

Feel the lank. Synth muzak to put you in a trance, probably written and produced by a duck.

Submitted by erica

Bachar Mar-Khalifé – Ya Balad (2015)

Powerful album with different vibes that surprisingly blend together very well.

Submitted by shroomie

Ernest Ranglin – Below The Bassline (1996)

This is a Jazz/Reggae fusion album. Emphasis on jazz but there are unmistakeable Reggae influences in the background. I can’t tell if all tracks are song covers or if only some are covers. Either way this is a pretty refreshing album. Very fun to listen to, pretty darn unique fusion of sounds as well.

Submitted by Scotty

Suso Saiz & Suzanne Kraft – Between No Things (2020)

Beautiful & hypnotic drone/ambient collab. In a chaotic & fearful year, this piece of music takes one away to a better place.

Subbmitted by Hoggy

Uzi Navon & Acquaintances – בזמנו. (2020)

Retro look at various musical styles from Israel. Funk/soul/psych rock /pop to be found throughout this double LP, with hints of library music. Heavily indebted to the 60s sound.

Submitted by Hoggy

Butcher Brown – Cabbage (DFC) (2020)

It sounds like a mix of Lettuce and coca leaves. Maybe that’s how cabbage was brought to this world.

Submitted by shroomie

The Mauskovic Dance Band – Down in the Basement (EP) (2018)

That one is old news for many, as it has been played a lot on JQBX, and was shared a year ago on erica’s own blog @lazy.plays. However, i felt like the debut EP was worth sharing. Not only did it put the band on the map, its album art also trapped those looking for vaporwave indie into hoggy’s basement, also known as world beats. Plus, it felt perfect to submit this along with my previous couple picks.

Submitted by shroomie

Dizzy Mandjeku & Alé Kuma – De Palenque à Matongé (2019)

Definitely underrated. The legendary Congolese guitarist Dizzy Mandjeku and the Columbian traditional band Alé Kuma (led by Leonardo Gomez Jattin) gathered in Brussels to record one of the hottest set of tracks I’ve heard in a long time. Banger on banger with hardly any time to breathe in between. Good enough for me.

Submitted by wilmerton

CSC Funk Band – Above the Stars (2017)

Instumental funk covers of Gang Starr songs made by a 10 piece band that includes a drummer from Gwar.

Sumitted by Matt

Bracket – Best of the Würst (2020)

There are two bands that if you mentioned you were into, we’d be bffs instantly. One of them is Bracket. Best of the Würst is a collection of b-sides, demos, and accoustic versions of some of their best material. Definatly not standard LB fare, but essential listening if you’re me.

Sumitted by Matt

There you have it ! Our finds from August ! Stay tuned because we will from now on upload our finds every couple weeks ! Well at least once.. okay maybe that’s because we’re 2 weeks late. But hey, wake me up when September ends, and once November has come… … Peace !

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