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January 2021 : LB Monthly Finds

It is the first LBMF of the year and we are kicking it off with a curated playlist. The last year was what it was. Some may have developed the desire just leave this desaster of a planet and venture through space to find a new home. The January finds are curated in a way that you can do that for a while, before taking you back to the ground. Once back home, we invite you to dance with us and observe the diverse beauty our planet has to offer. Please enjoy this refuge of a playlist for a moment, before exposing yourself to whatever craziness 2021 has in store for us.

The Monthly updated playlist.

(you can always listen to January ’21 through our archived playlist here)

PLS.trio – Cosmonauts (2021)

While I still occasionally enjoy the standard jazz trio setup, it can become a bit stale, unoriginal and predictable. Which is why I love it when trios break out of that and explore a bit. It is still very much a trio record, but every track on here has a special something that prescinds and elevates it from the expectations you may form of it in the first few seconds.

submitted by joja

The Diabolical Liberties – High protection & the sportswear mystics (2020)

Post-punk, jazz electronica.

submitted by Richard

Kinshasa 1978 – compilation by Crammed Disc (2019)

Blend of traditional and modern Kin music. Lanky.

submitted by wilmerton

Aleksi Perälä – Midnight Sun 2A (2021)

Aleksi Perälä releases music so fast that you might not be able to listen to it all even if you only listened to him. He sounds methodical and often pretty cold – music for some but not all. This release stands out though. Here we have the visit of some nice warm and crisp drums in a sea of spotless rythms and psychedelic echos. 180 bpm head banging ambient – headset recommended.

submitted by wilmerton

Nicolas Repac – Rhapsodic (2021)

Nicolas Repac shows once again that he makes for an excellent cooking pot. Throw in an album theme, a bunch of influences with accompanying samples, and some beats, out comes a story worth telling. This opus plunders the library of the ethnomusicologist Charles Duvelle to make a top pic in the collage music genre.

submitted by wilmerton

Indaba Is (Compilation) (2021)

Another Brownswood compilation highlighting a bubbling music scene, this time from South Africa. There is alot to unpack in here, but expect some good good african spiritual jazz music and sounds that transcend genre and heritage.

submitted by joja

Tino Contreras – La Noche de los Disoses

Amazingly swinging latin from this 96 year old Mexican drummer. You can feel the pleasure of the musicians. He is playing music for more than 70 years. Still played with Art Blakey, Louis Armstrong, Dave Brubeck.

submitted by Richard

_By.Alexander – 000 Channel Black (2020)

submitted by Richard

Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz International – Na My Choice (2021)

Lanky Highlife influenced by Cameroonian and Zairean rhythms. Amazing album cover too, no expense spared.

submitted by Hoggy

Meliza – Meliza (2020)

Reissue of obscure 1984 zouk/calypso album. Very smooth.

submitted by Hoggy

Son Rompe Pero – Batuco (2020)

Marimba vs cumbia. Whats not to like?

submitted by Hoggy

Donald Austin – Crazy Legs

Groovy soul funk disco vibes.

submitted by streams

CADEJO – Freesummer (2019)

Minimalistic, groovy jazz-fusion music from Korea. (Instrumental for the most part)

submitted by Claire

Triorität – Death Pacito (2020)

Not sure if i prefer the song or its title.

submitted by Shroomie

Reuben Gingrich – Awaken (2017)

This song is about my attention span. Love the song, the album is weird, though.

submitted by Shroomie

Stimulator Jones – La Mano (2021)

Fun. Simple. Good drummin.

submitted by Shroomie

Andrew Wasylyk – Fugitive Light and Themes of Consolation (2020)

Gorgeous ambient jazz/classical minimalism.

submitted by Claire

Hania Rani – Home (2020)

Trickling piano should be its own genre by now. Very meditative, very Gondwana Records, very Zino Mikorey (who mastered this and also worked with Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnalds), very Hania Rani.

submitted by joja

We hope you enjoyed the ride, stay safe!

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