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Feb-Mar-Apr 2021 : LB (tri)Monthly Finds

Hello ! Yes we are still alive ! The general activity has been lower, though, and so it is unclear what will happen next. But for now, here are the submissions that have appeared in the past three months !
Sorry for the wait !

Full playlist of discoveries :

Marcos Resende & Index – Marcos Resende & Index (2021)

Debut album, recorded in 1976 but never released. Brazilian jazz-funk. Lanky jams.

Submitted by Richard

Mistura Pura – The Blue Bus (2020)

Journey through many genres genres, but still making sure that flow is not lost.

Submitted by Richard

William Stuckey – Love of Mine (1979 -> 2021 re-release)

It was well worth restoring the old broken tapes containing this piece of music. Excellent funky soul.

Submitted by shroomie

Jan 疆 Hasker – 城市 – City (2018)

Claire and I met this person on JQBX who goes by Manjuuk and we started jamming to asian music and he played this song that made my jaw drop. The genre blending and the complex rhythms left me astonished. The album was just as interesting as that song. I hope to find more like it.

Submitted by shroomie

Azmari – Sama-i (2021)

Ethiopian style jazz all the easy from Belgium, with hints of dub.

Submitted by hoggy

Mansfield T.Y.A. – Monument Ordinaire (2021)

Harmonically, no orgasm to be found here. But if you like dark electro pop songs, you could pick this for your emo episode.

Submitted by wilmerton

Slowtai- Tyron (2021)

First side – YUH, second side – Sad YUH.
In all seriousness , really enjoyed the production on all these tracks . I felt like I was ‘trapping’ through a fuzzy dreamscape and i was about to get an answer I was looking for. Personal favorites were “PLAY WITH FIRE”, feel away, terms, and nhs.

Submitted by iamtherealtobi

Alostmen – Kologo (2021)

Tradionational Ghanian music filtered through modern styles. The Kologo is a stringed lute.

Submitted by Hoggy

4 Mars – Super Somal Sounds from the Gulf of Tadjoura (2021)

Fantastic selection of tunes from the Somalian group, with almost a reggae /dub aesthetic in parts. Highly recommended.

Submitted by Hoggy

Nik Bärtsch – Modul 58_12 (2021)

Amazing opening piece from his upcoming solo album “Entendre”.

Submitted by Claire

Wau Wau Collectif – Waral Sa Doom (2021)

Multi genre album from the Senegalese group. At times it radiates a fairy or ethereal quality.

Submitted by Hoggy

Lloyd Miller, Adam Terry Michael, Ian Camp – At The Ends Of The World (2020)

One of my favourite albums I’ve heard in months, and not just in jazz. Fantastic spiritual jazz album incorporating World music instruments.

Submitted by Hoggy

La Chica – La Loba (2020)

Submitted by Richard

CARM – CARM (2021)

On this album trumpetist Camerieri uses horns to play the rolls of guitar, bass and drums, accompanied by electronics.

Submitted by Richard

Myriam Alter – Where Is There (2007)

Cozy Jazz. Clarinett and cello to bring some more smoothness. Nice pieces nicely arranged. Not the most organic but very tasty out of the box.

Submitted by wilmerton

Gooooose – Crater Monde 2 (2021, compilation)

That is good, slightly gloomy electronic. Just weird enough, lots of differences but you can take something home of most tracks; if you don’t like one, you can always skip.

Submitted by wilmerton

Dictaphone – Goats & Distortions 5 (2021)

Is it jazz? Kinda a feels like it from the base experimental vibe that comes of it. It is ambient for sure though. Acoustic, a tad glitchy. A bit dark. A bit light. The kind of mix of complexity and accessibility which will make you come back for a second take.

Submitted by wilmerton

The Gallands – Underlying Truth (2020)

Apparently a first single for the belgium father-and-son duo, although they kinda look the same age on their bio.

Submitted by shroomie

Kaelin Ellis – After Thoughts (2020)

Amazing beat production.

Submitted by shroomie

Pino Palladino, Blake Mills – Just Wrong (2021) (single)

Jazz just the way i like it.

Submitted by shroomie

Phi-Psonics – The Cradle (2020)

Lovely spiritual jazz album. Perfect for Mother’s Day. Mamas are the best.

Submitted by Claire

Arooj Aftab – Vulture Prince (2021)

Beautiful album, Most songs are in Urdu. Really nice instrumentation.

Submitted by Richard

Compro Oro – Bombarda (2017)

Great EP from the band with a ton of different influences.

Submitted by shroomie

Fiona Fiasco, Melodiesinfonie – Forever Faking Memoirs (2021)

Great duo album suggested to me by Richard

Submitted by shroomie

Apifera, Rejoicer, Nitai Hershkovits, Amir Bresler, Yonatan Albalak – Gnome Poems

Simply awesome lanky jazzy tune

Submitted by shroomie

Hoping you enjoy the sounds, and that 2021 is treating you well. See you next month, as usual !


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