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December 2020 : LB Monthly Finds

The bastards have put together their last monthly finds of the year 2020 !

We hope this can get you going with good vibes for the new year.

Here’s the monthly updated playlist :

LBMF December 2020

And the detailed recommendations :

JISR – Too Far Away (2020)

Submitted by hoggy

Star Feminine Band – Star Feminine Band (2020)

Submitted by hoggy

Nels Cline Singers – Share the wealth (2020)

No singers involved here. Avant garde jazz from a septet lead by the guitarist of Wilco. No easy stuff, and the artist was wondering if there are people who would want to hear this twice.

Submitted by Richard

Matthew Shipp – The Piano Equation (2020)

Amazing solo piano album.

Submitted by Richard

Thana Alexa – Ona (2020)

Submitted by Richard

Karaba – Pheremon Crumble Wax (EP) (2020)

Lots of mixed influences in this jazzy debut from Munich band Karaba.

Submitted by shroomie

Rosie Frater-Taylor – Better Days (single) (2020)

I don’t often post singles but I’m hoping her next project will sound as good as this.

Submitted by shroomie

Inventions – Continuous portrait (2020)

Duo that makes great electronic music with smooth tones that hint at joy and melancholy. Very soothing album indeed. Favorites were “close to people” and “hint and omens” but “Outlook for the future “ is the one to look for. Flute gang .

Submitted by tobi

The Soundcarriers – Entropicalia (2014)

Tropical psychedelic grooves.

Submitted by Budd

Los Yoyi – Los Yoyi (1977).

Fabulous Afro-Cuban jazz-funk that was reissued in 2016 and I missed. Groovy great fun.

Submitted by hoggy

Junglelyd – Junglelyd (2020)

“The Danish band Junglelyd, have created a genre hybrid that blends Cumbia, Tropical Bass, Surf Rock and Electronica. The music explores the misty jungle of South America and features elements of ritual tribal music and other highly danceable electronic genres of the region.” I haven’t smashed that Follow button so hard since Nihiloxica …

Submitted by Budd

Yussef Dayes Trio – Welcome to the Hills (2020)

This live recording makes me really excited to catch one or two jazz gigs again in 2021. This is basically the most brimmed with fusion-prog a jazz trio can get: Mouth-dropping drums by Yussef Dayes, epic keys by Charlie Stacey and a bass by Rocco Palladino who, self-evidently, inherited the feel from his old man and bass legend Pino.

Submitted by joja

Gabriels – Love and Hate in a Different Time (2020)

This EP takes you back to the golden era of soul mixed with a bit of modern r&b. If you like Marvin Gaye and Al Green, you will enjoy this.

Submitted by joja

Jahara Massamba Unit – Pardon My French (2020)

It seems that with this record, Madlib and Karriem Riggins are channelling their love for the great cosmic free jazz sound of the past, brought to earth by people like Pharoah Sanders or Alice Coltrane. The lanky 9 minute track ‘Du Morgon A Moulin-À-Vent (Pour Duke)’ makes it very apparent. Althoug Pitchfork calls it “indefensible noodling”, it is still my favourite track on the record. But don’t misunderstand, because it’s still a very forward-thinking project that sounds very much like its two originators.

Submitted by joja

Matthew Halsall – Salute to the Sun (2020)

Next time you want an hour long meditation with a variety of ambiances i recommend listening to the full LP.

Submitted by shroomie

Monte – Sonic Forest (2020)

Fun album that Budd had me discover through the song Malaga. It apparently featured on a documentary about Colombia’s biodiversity and the effects of climate change and human activity.

Submitted by shroomie

That wraps it up. We hope 2020 wasn’t too harsh on you. We send you good vibes to find some inner peace through the outer waves.

And last as a last note, especially from shroomie (formally ‘MF SHROOM’), RIP to the villain, the masked man, the legend, or as he said, your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. Thank you for raising the bar and inspiring so many.

And until next time !

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