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November 2020 : LB Monthly Finds

November has come to an end and as we are heading into the holidays, we provide you with our favorite discoveries from the next month !

Here is the monthly updated playlist :

And for the November 2020 playlist : click here

Here is a detailed list of our picks :

Electric Vocuhila – Palaces (2020)

A French quartet that blends elements of math rock/jazz/congolese/Madagascar rhythms.

Submitted by hoggy

CHUDAHYE CHAGIS – Ritual Dance (2020)

Who would have thought that traditional Korean Pansori-style singing blends well with some groovy guitar? This is both fonkeh and ethereal at the same time. CHUDAHYE CHAGIS doing their thang.

Submitted by Claire

Mino Cinelu, Nils Petter Molvaer – SulaMadian (2020)

Combining 2 worlds, Percussionist Cinelu who’s roots are in Martinique (also called Madan) and NPM who comes from the island Sula in Norway. Clearly influenced by Miles Davis and afrobeat. The album contains tributes to Many Dibango, Tony Allen and Jimmy Cobb.

Submitted by Richard

Fatboy Slim – Back to Mine (2020)

A compilation album in 2 versions (mixed version submitted). It’s not the relentless barrage of dance beats you might be expecting from Norm, but rather the soundtrack to the after-party. Or the before-party… or the spaces in-between. Apparently, this is the eleventy-somethingth installment of this mix series, which has featured a slew of other host curators over the years. The set features a variety of musical styles, highlighting the funky influences (and some sample sources) FBS has gathered from around the world.

Submitted by budder

Group Listening – Clarinet & Piano: Selected Works, Vol. 1 (2018)

This album is cute.

Submitted by shroomie

Joy Guerrilla – Skyline (2018)

Azymuthian muzak.

Submitted by shroomie

Tony Allen, Hugh Masekala- Rejoice (2020)

Legends coming together and giving us some great stuff.

Submitted by TheYuhTobi

Los Tigres Del Norte – Corridos Prohibidos (2001)

Banned corridos is the translation , you just know it’s going to be pure corrido bangers with northeno vibes . Amazing accordion lines and if you understand Spanish, then you can get transported to their stories they sing about.

Submitted by Tobi

Aquiles Navarro, Tcheser Holmes – Heritage of the invisible iii (2020)

What a wild ride. Modern free jazz.

Submitted by Richard

Vibration Black Finger – Can you see what I’m Trying To Say (2020)

Submitted by Richard

Nikitch, Kuna Maze – Debuts (2020)

Was listening to my saved albums from 2020. This must be my favourite electronic album. It is combining jazz with club sounds (how original).

Submitted by Richard the Cheetah

Omniversal Earkestra – Le Mali 70

Incredible album by this german band who went on a mission to travel through Mali to celebrate the country’s deep musical culture.

Submitted by shroomie

Various – Red Hot + Fela (2013)

Live tribute album to Fela.

Submitted by Laz

Farafi/Tulshi – Kalila (2020)

Farafi lend their harmonies to this world music meets electronica collaboration. Worth the admission price for Rising Star alone. Mini album stylistically varies from ambient to drum and base & pulsating electronica.

Submitted by hoggy

Ak Dan Gwang Chil – Such is Life (2020)

Another month, another Korean psych/folk/pop album. Can’t get enough of this stuff currently.

Submitted by hoggy

Joel Ross – Who Are You? (2020)

A great follow-up to the already impressive debut record KingMaker. I especially love the track Marsheland which might remind one of Yana from KingMaker with similarly winding vibraphone runs over busy drums. Only this time you also get Immanuel Wilkin’s super soft alto sax doubling down the madness. This album also features a nice rendition of Coltrane’s After the Rain which is one of my all time favourite classics.

Submitted by joja

Sisonke Xonti – uGaba the Migration (2020)

Solo-debut of south african saxophonist Sisonke Xonti. Some lankers might have heard him before playing with MABUTA. uGaba the Migration is named after Sisonke’s clan name and represents his development and migration to a new more aware mindset. The first track Newness is about the time a friend pulled him out of a dark place and celebrates light and happiness.

Submitted by joja

Danalogue, Alabaster DePlume – I Was Not Sleeping (2020)

I was suprised when Soccer96 (two thirds of The Comet is Coming) released an EP with DePlume back in June, as the Saxophonist is more known for his peacefully soothing music, while Soccer96 put out these raw drum plus synth audio experiences. But it turns out DePlume can go crazy too, because that EP was cool as hell. On this record with Danalogue (one half of Soccer96) though, those two musical worlds truly blend for the first time resulting in an organic flow between intensity and serenity. My favourite track on it features Benin City vocalist and frequent jazz collaborator Joshua Idehen and is so intense I almost shit myself.

Submitted by joja

Jonathan Grant – Afrolantica (2019)

A love latter to classic jazzy hiphop, and classic beats with help from a few live musicians. I couldn’t find much information about this album, but I think it’s amazing.
Submitted by Matt

The Du-Rites – A Funky Bad Time (2020)

Stripped down funk from a two man band.

Submitted by Matt

Quakers – II – The Next Wave (2020)

Three producers (one being Geoff Barrows) and 31 Mc’s from Stonesthrow crammed into one regular sized album.

Submitted by Matt

We hope you will enjoy our recommendations ! And also we hope you are taking care of your health as well as your close ones in these crazy times.

May the music make it all smoother !

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