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APR 2020 : LB Monthly Finds

Like every first Monday of the month (without fail 👀) we’re proud to present you our Monthly Finds playlist! This time featuring some of the fresh finds of our new member Ponciana. Be sure to read her introductory post! It has been a rather active month on this site, almost as if people didn’t have other stuff to do. Weird.

Anyways, here it is! Also don’t forget that you can follow the monthly updated playlist!

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Micheal Harrison, Maya Bieser, and various artists – Time Loops (2012)

I don’t know … It’s Cello loops and everything is calculated using perfect intervals or something like that. They made this original score for an archived film meshed together to form something about space, Jupiter and 18th century astronomy science. Anyhow, this musik is beautiful and has piece using a Bach melody and chords/atmosphere of Gounod.

submitted by Tobi

Farafi – Calico Soul (2019)

The 2 ladies of this combo met on a beach in Goa, which led me to being unsure of what to expect. Turns out I shouldn’t have worried, one of my favourite albums of the last month. Great mix of latin, african, asia fusion world music.

submitted by Hoggy

Gard Nilssen’s Supersonic Orchestra – If You Listen Carefully the Music is Yours (2020)

This is exactly what you want in a modern drummer-lead sixteen-piece big band. Long drawn tracks with experimental parts, percussion breaks and a powerful brass section that makes your knees weak. The last track on this, ‘Bytta Bort Kua Fikk Fela Igjen’ will get any percussion fan’s rocks off.

submitted by Joja

Hugo Fattoruso – Hugo Fattoruso Y Barrio Opa (2018)

One can only imagine he’s wearing shades behind his glasses to keep him from seeing too far into the future, or he shoots lasers out of his eyes. Its Afro-Uruguayan Brazilian candombe funk and fusion jazz. Stop reading and listen now. No seriously stop reading. Stop.

submitted by Matt

Plone – Puzzlewood (2020)

After breaking up in 2001, and having their second album never seeing an official release, I would never expected to see a new Phone album to appear. On Discogs, this album is listed as leftfield electronic/children’s music. While I don’t agree with it being a children’s record, the album is very whimsical, and invokes a childhood innocence. I guess the song titles don’t help much either in this case. If you enjoyed the album Toy, by Toy, I recommended a few months ago, you’d enjoy this. This is the very kind of music we need these strange times we live in.

submitted by Matt

Foshe, Horatio Luna – Nice to Meetcha (2020)

Maybe it’s because i’m into drums, but this improvised album is a delight. Every song naturally flows into the next one, the beats keep changing over the different grooves. Simply amazing chemistry between the band members. My favorite release so far!

submitted by Shroomie

The Funky Knuckles – Delicious (2019)

Funky, Jazzy and trippy. The word “interesting” comes to mind listening to this Physch jazz album from the Funky Knuckles. From weird time signature to tasty chops, they got em all leaving you with that fusion jazz feeling.

submitted by Fadhly

Black Flower – Abyssinia Afterlife (2014)

This Belgian group combines Afrobeat and Ethio-jazz with Cambodian psychedelic rock to create some bold, groovy sounds that are tinged with an ever-so-slight darkness. It seems to emanate from that sax with gravitas. You’re dancing, and you’re also hypnotized. Watch your drink.

submitted by Ponciana

Black Jesus Experience – Migration (2014)

Ethiojazz + hipohp ? Yes please. Get this band more listens !

submitted by Shroomie

Awale Jant Band – Yewoulen (2020)

Fantastically funky fresh Afrobeat album. Look out for the drummer; of the best in the pocket drumming I’ve heard for some time.

submitted by Hoggy

Mamer – Eagle (2009)

Kazakh-language contemporary indie folk music from Chinese born artist. I stumbled across searching for throat singing, which there is plenty on this album. What makes the album stick out is the indie folk married with more traditional Kazakh instruments. He didn’t release another album until a decade had passed, then he released 6 in 2019. Keep away from those unless you’re a fan of fulfilling recording contracts.

submitted by Hoggy

Sven Wunder – Eastern Flowers (2020)

Eastern psych jazz-funk record with hip hop elements, funky organs and cranked-up synths.

submitted by Joja

Cassowary – Cassowary (2020)

My favorite new sound is springing up from this superfresh nu jazz group led by Miles Shannon, a 24-year-old saxophone ripper. Wild time signatures, good vocals, electro touches on the keys, chiller R&B grooves. Digging this forever probably.

submitted by erica

44th Move – 44th Move (EP) (2020)

I first heard the single Hope that features the great trumpeter Takuya Kuroda and fell in love with the song. Erica then made me realize the band was actually Alfa Mist teaming up with the incredible drummer Richard Spaven. Hope remains my favorite track from the EP though the whole thing is worth enjoying.

submitted by shroomie

Dried Spider – Wounded City (2015)

Psychedelia wins with this deft weaving of soul, jazz, and art rock with deeply stirring vocals and unusual, haunting melodies. This hidden gem leaves you wanting more – for stargazers and tree-huggers alike.

submitted by Poinciana

Resurrection Committee – Join! (2018)

Not my usual kind of pick, but I’m really enjoying it. This is modern garage psych from Vancouver. Dark and distorted, with pop fringes.

submitted by Matt

Fiona Apple – Fetch The Bolt Cutter (2020)

Fiona Apple’s latest album is an enjoyable listening experience filled with heavy hard-hitting topics from politics to personal experiences. The album features minimalistic music playing with it using random items from pots and pans to vocal harmonies and has a lengthy tracklisting. This project has become my album of the year contender so far and I highly recommend everyone check it out.

submitted by Thepokemask

Meernaa – Heart Hunger (2019)

Neo-soul meets indie rock in a psychedelic sound garden where you are safely wrapped up in warm synths and comforting vocals. Then you crack your eye open as they whip out something casually bold, and all of a sudden, you really want to pay attention.

submitted by Poinciana

Yves Tumor – Heaven To A Tortured Mind (2020)

Yves Tumor’s Heaven to a Tortured Mind was a surprising yet refreshing change in sound. Starting as an Electronic and Ambient musician but also having subtle hints of Hypnagogic Pop. It should be no surprise that his sound has evolved with influences from the sounds of the golden years of Glam Rock, P-Funk, and modern sleek Psychedelic undertones.

submitted by Thepokemask

Rina Sawayama – SAWAYAMA (2020)

I have sinned MF ROOM 👀

submitted by Thepokemask

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