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Even More Sessions

Sessions II: Electric Seshaloo

Is it time for another set of Sessions playlists already? It’s only been…oh. Well lets get on this!

Starting off this week’s Session was Erica. She hit us with some deep funk and afro jazziness.

Next up was Hoggy. He blessed us with some hand-picked international (maybe inter-dimensional) disco bangers. I don’t know where he finds them, sometimes I suspect he’s making them in his basement.

Next set came from our newest member Ventura!

Poinciana stopped by with her cleverly titled Pentatonic Gin & Tonic. It’s an exploration of how the pentatonic scale is used in different cultures.

Somehow I managed to accidentally play a set. I went with some tracks by one of my favorite producers, Salaam Remi. I’ve been a big fan of his work for years, and discovered that he had produced a ton of my favorite tracks that I didn’t even know he was involved with.

Shroomie really outdid himself this week! His mix flowed not only musically, but he was able to use the album art cohesively as well. Pretty

Last, but certainly not least we have a Pokemask, with his heavy, fuzzy, psychedelic funk set.

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