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A Sessions Session

Hey there lanksters. Last Thursday I was lucky to have a few lanky bastards join me in my JQBX room called sessions. The theme of the room is one hour dj sessions, something a little different from the free for alls in a regular room. I had a prepared set, but everyone who joined in pulled some amazing sets out of thin air. Thankfully everyone is happy to share their playlists! We’re planning on making this a regular Thursday thing, so keep on the lookout for more playlists. 

First up was my set. I had done a deep dive on Discogs looking for obscure Eastern European space funk. Some of these songs might not fit the genre, but I think I found a good selection. I’m keeping a few extra tracks that I didn’t play.

Next up comes Iamtherealtobii. He put together a playlist revolving around quirky songs, and interesting textures, and he surely delivered.

Afterward, we had a session from our newest collaborator and JQBX user, Poinciana. You can read about her playlist here in her introductory post on the blog. We’re happy to her join us in this session, and share some of her unique musical knowledge. 

Then there was Shroom with his ode to Mort Garson’s Plantasia, but underwater. It’s smoother than butter on rollerskates. Joja says this is the most cohesive mix he’s ever heard, and that’s something coming from him. I’m better off letting Shroomie tell you himself. 

“Mother Earth’s Plantasia by Mort Garson was originally sold along with a houseplant, which made sense since the music was apparently made for plants. In the early 2000s, its music has grown into a cult bigger than Lanky Bastards after it was in every music nerd’s recommended videos on Youtube. Even if I find the Moog synthesizer to sound pretty cheap, it quickly grew on me on the first listen and I have since gone back to that album many times. Inspired by -what i call- its smoth shitty synths, I have for a while gathered tunes that I found had a similar spirit and tone. When building this set, I realized many tunes had a Sea/Water theme, so I decided to make it into an Underwater tribute to Plantasia. Warning, this set can make you fall asleep faster than the LB lemonade. Hope you enjoy !”

Lastly Erica swooped in to provide us with an improvised set of jammy jams. It was a mixed bag of genres . Bops through and through. I asked Erica to comment herself, and this is what she had to say. “I wanna make a joke but i’m afraid you’d put it in the post as what i actually say about my set so vow of silenceeee”


Stayed tuned next week for some more great playlists!

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