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Monthly Finds : Feb 2019

Hello ya, Lanky Readers! So we’re testing a thing to share our monthly discoveries: Every bastard is invited to submit up to 3 songs/albums that they discovered during each month at the end of which we put everything together in a post like this one. How does that sound? Sounds like a pain in the ass for the person doing all the work. BUT by making it easier for everyone to participate, hopefully, we will see an increase in the activity of the blog and in the amount of bastards involved. So without further ado, here are the submissions for February!

New Releases

пасош – Бессрочный отпус (2019)

An Indie/Alt Rock and Punk album from Russia which features sounds from Dream Pop to Heavy Shoegaze Punk.

Submitted by thepokémask

Jungle Run – Nubiyan Twist (2019)

In my opinion, the best release featuring vocals this year in the fresh UK scene. 10 great tracks that don’t disappoint.

Submitted by Joja

Seed Ensemble – Driftglass (2019)

Very promising debut album. I really like WAKE off the album, which starts out as a gospel spiritual and unfolds into a great afro beat/latin/jazz-fest.

Submitted by Joja

Live Without Fear – Infinite Spirit Music (2019)

Music Shroomie could make if he was motivated.

Submitted by Hoggy

New Finds (that aren’t new releases)

Gang Train – Bernard Estardy (1980-82)

This track feels like a groovy space montage. Laser-like synths, funky-ass bass lines, and bright, crisp drums help create an atmosphere of adventure.

Submitted by LuckyKip

Ernie’s Journey – Frootful (2013)

This jazzy r&b lullaby soothes the soul and conjures up images of a Motown fairy tale world.

Submitted by Luckykip

Orange Juice Click – Gangsta Tales (1994)

A Memphis Rap tape which features production from the classic Memphis sound to if Kanye and MF DOOM lived in the south and g-rap-infused 90s NY classic underground.

Submitted by thepokémask

Stone Harbour – Emerges (1974)

An extremely rare and obscure psychedelic private press album which features both laid back and intense solos with the sounds of heavy fuzz driven guitars with crazy synths to a more laid back sound with acoustic guitars and organs.

Submitted by thepokémask

Alchemik – Acoustic Jazz Sextet (1999)

Dug this back from a 1999 Hoeilaart jazz contest album my father offered me when I was about 14. Couldn’t find any trace of the album online, but I could find this track on Youtube. Cool mix of jazz and traditional eastern music

Submitted by wilmerton

Yeketelale – Ukandanz (2018)

A very interesting mix of electro/Afrobeat rhythms by a Franco-Ethiopian outfit. 808s are combined with a jazzy brass section and vocalist singing in the traditional Ethiopian style. Some bangers to be found here.

Submitted by Hoggy

O Grande Amor – Free Time & Miranda Verouli (2014)

A soft, loving album that will be the perfect background music to an afternoon by the lake, or an evening with your SO.

Submitted by Shroomie

Carnaval Odyssey – Dowdelin (2018)

Described as a Creole jazz band exploring electronic dancefloor sounds and Afro-futurism, Dowdelin took me by surprise with their song Jay Pal, a banger that gives me flashbacks of André 3000.

Submitted by Shroomie

Accadde a… – Arawak (1970)

This album has been kinda haunting me for a while now. The first song I’ve heard on it was a fifth of the album, Accadde a Belfast. It starts with an almost uncanny bagpipe intro and is followed by a super chill beat with a very contemporary sounding dragging snare. If I had to guess I would’ve said it came out in the past 5 years. But no. 1970.

Submitted by Shroomie

Hey Jude – Yusef Lateef (1972)

I’m not getting tired of good covers of Beatles songs yet. This one has Yusef Lateef playing the oboe, a very rare instrument in jazz which is why it may feel not quite right to some at first. But I think it’s just all around a great lanky jam that just keeps on going and evolving.

Submitted by Joja

Monthly Finds : Feb 2019 : The Playlist

So there ya go folks. Everything in here that is available on Spotify was put in one playlist for the Lazy Bastards. Hope you enjoy ! Until Next Month!

MF stands for Monthly Finds

oh and yeah we got a (maybe) new logo

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