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Boo’s Elevator Music

Alright, lanky bastards, 5’2 boo here checking in (or about 1.58 meters for you Europeans). It’s been a while since my introduction post and our #lankblog discord channel has been poking at me here and there so let’s get down! Down an elevator!

In my days of MF Room, there has been one reoccurring type of song that comes up. Not sure how to describe it, but it’s more of a passionate waiting room music, or something that may or may not be too saucy for an elevator. The sort of instrumentals where I feel like I’m executing a grand bank heist but like how they do it on Ocean’s 12 or 13 or 11. I’m silently walking through the casino floor with millions of dollars and no one knows, and it flashes to my crew mates? I don’t know if you’re getting my drift but you can get into my elevator because I put together a playlist of songs I would play if I owned an elevator. Maybe I could set up a DJ booth in an elevator? DJ BOO THROWING DOWN! There’s even an MF Doom track thrown in there, and Shroomie said that already makes it a damn good elevator. There would be no max occupancy in my elevator, so it could be just you and me 😉 or we could fit the whole gang in there. I’ve already died too many times so I won’t bat an eye at safety codes alright?

The first track by Ted Jackson is a song Pokes showed me and I think it’s the perfect intro. It’s the only song with vocals (I think) but it’s a fun track! The next track is probably my FAVORITE track, summer samba! so nice! It garnered me quite a bit of stars and I think it sets up the rest of the playlist as you go through it. Okay I know its February but I threw a Christmas instrumental in there as well (Winter Wonderland) but if you look past that Christmas vibe it’s definitely a song I would stand next to someone in an elevator going up in silence while cheerfully nodding my head and tapping my foot. I never knew who Kenny G was until everyone started joking about him, but I did end the playlist with a Kenny G track. I’m not sure if I could imagine that in an elevator but who said this was a typical elevator? I think it does set the mood, for when you finally hop off my elevator.

To wrap it up, one day I hope I do own an elevator, or maybe get aux privileges to one. I’ll be sure to note what plays the next time I’m in an elevator and say, “yeah, I can do this better.”

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