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Relatively Clean Rivers – Relatively Clean Rivers Album Review

Relatively Clean Rivers – Relatively Clean Rivers

Relatively Clean Rivers self-titled first and only album release is a Psychedelic Folk Rock album with subtle influences of rural folk music, eastern music, and country is filled with the enchanting sounds of psychedelic electric guitars that have a mix of clean twang to light fuzz and open acoustic guitars reminiscent of the early days of Grateful Dead.  Musician Phil Pearlman doing most of the playing on the album.

Phil Pearlman was in both The Electronic Hole and The Beat Of The Earth are both long psych groups who only recorded one album each during their time with The Beat Of The Earth releasing an album 1994 titled Our Standard Three Minute Tune. These albums are long psychedelic jams with them both being 2 songs each lasting upwards of 20 to 30 minutes long.

Two of the albums Phil Pearlman worked on during his time recording and making music.

This album is one of many unfortunately forgotten psychedelic albums from the period of the 60s to the 70s with this one of the last albums coming out of that scene being released in 1976 far after the mid to late 60s west coast psych scene making it possibly been recorded around that time or unreleased until this moment in time. Overall the album is a relaxing and amazing psychedelic album worth listening to.

Favorite Tracks:
– Easy Ride
– Journey Through the Valley of O
– Hello Sunshine
– Babylon
– They Knew What to Say
– A Thousand Years

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  1. Really appreciated the listen, super smooth and ‘feeling good’ vibe, peaceful and a good album as a whole. thanks pokey

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