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Lanky Halloween 2018

Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday. At every stage of my life I’ve been able to find something different to appreciate.

As a kid, my friends and I would stuff pillow cases so full with candy that we struggled to carry them back home. We knew which houses gave out the best candy and which houses had the coolest decorations.

As a teenager, I helped my dad with put up haunted houses for three years—going all out my senior year and building several rooms along a drawn out path in our backyard. In college, Halloween becomes a completely different holiday, a sort of costume party in every direction. I was too scared to watch horror films as a kid, so these days I enjoy all the great scary movies I skipped when I was younger.

In my late 30s to early 40s, I look forward to hosting the most cliché, cheesy Halloween party I can muster. Obviously, as the host, I will be Dracula. There will be punch served in a bowl, campy Halloween decorations, and children rolling their eyes at their tipsy parents.

Earlier this month, Hoggy had the fantastic idea for our group to make a collaborative Halloween playlist. It reminded me of a conversation I had earlier in the year with my sister. We were struggling to think of Halloween songs off the top of our head and wondered if there were many good ones beside Nina Simone’s I Put a Spell On You and Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Thank goodness for Hoggy’s suggestion. Turns out there is a ton of great Halloween music out there. So much so that it was a bit of a struggle to limit this playlist to 31 tracks (seemed the right number for a Halloween mix).

The mix below is the product of suggestions across our group. Many of which you will eventually hear more from in the weeks and months to come. Without further ado, I am psyched to present Lanky Bastard’s inaugural Halloween playlist: Lanky Halloween 2018. Happy Halloween you lanky bastards!

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