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Lanky Bastards’ 2 yr Anniversary !!

Hey folks, shroomie here. I just wanted to mention it has been 2 years since @kip first post on the blog about today’s music !

(and also 2+ yrs since we started playing Funk Dat! all the time and finding it very funny)

I wanted to give a quick shout out to everyone who contributed to the blog, from Kip for developing the idea, Joja for managing the wordpress and stuff I could never do, and Hoggy for complaining about how I don’t post enough.

But really tho, thank you OG people : Ahbooyou, Tobi, Joja, Kip, Poke, Wil, Hoggy, Fads, Uri, Robin, and Verde
As well as those who joined us along the way and who have kept the blog alive by bringing their own color : Matt, Erica, Poinciana, Scotty, and Richard !

Good timing to announce that we have new friends on JQBX and they will be joining the blog very soon. Thank you Swi, Wax, Streams, Claire, Laz, Mango, Budders, Yaper, and maybe others, for hanging with us and sharing all the great stuff.

This thing is growing and is becoming the greatest musical discovery source in the worlds (no bias).

Last but not least, thanks to all of our 3 readers, we wouldn’t do it without you. Well maybe we would. But it wouldn’t be the same. I mean. Um. Thanks for following !

Some great new format might be announced soon… So stay tuned on the tunes.

Peace ! <3

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