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MAR 2020 : LB Monthly Finds

Hello Folks ! Sorry to be a day late for our monthly finds !
We hope you are well and safe and that you will appreciate this music during these isolated times !

NEW : We will now have an updated playlist with the most recent monthly finds every month, so if you follow the playlist in that link, it will always be up to date ! The archives will remain available on the lankybastards spotify account.

Here is the March 2020 playlist !

Our picks :

Osamu Kitajima – Masterless Samurai (1979)

Found this at a vinyl fair. Must say, I am not disappointed.

submitted by shroomie

Bob Dylan – Blonde On Blonde (1966)

Idk it’s Bob Dylan and it sounds good.

Submitted by thepokémask

Tamino – EP (2017)

It is not everyday you have some singer-songwriter stuff pushed to you here (well Bobby is up there but it does not count…) so I’ll indulge this one time. It’s been a long time since I put a song on repeat, but Cigar took me by surprise and did that to me. It reminds you of Jeff Buckley, Nick Cave, maybe Muse (yes it does this to me, maybe surprisingly) and it’s fine. Nobody is looking at you right now so you might as well enjoy it, because despite the heavy heritage displayed in this EP, it is extraordinary.

Submitted by wilmerton

LDWG – Hyperidiocracy (2020)

High quality progressive noise-IDM. Of course dark and industrial

Submitted by wilmerton

Binkbeats – Little Nerves (2019)

Everything about this is just in my brain.

Submitted by erica

Stretch and Bobbito and the M19s Band – Que Se Sepa (ft. Jose Parla & Mireya Ramos) (2020)

After years of curating tracks for the masses, Stretch and Bobbito have released a debut album of their own, titled No Requests. The album covers 10 great tracks from the duo’s past with a jazzy/funky collective of musicians called the M19s. I recommend giving the whole album a listen, but if you love latin percussion and only have time to taste one, I’d give Que Se Sepa a spin.

Submitted by LuckyKip

Totem Uruguay – Corrupcion (1973)

Latin flutes that find the time for pschedelic guitar and sexy sax solos. A fun track on a fun album.

Submitted by LuckyKip

The Black Beats – The Mod Trade (1971)

A raw psychedelic feel with an unmistakable touch of the India sound that blends into a track that, while fairly simple, can be hard to predict.

Submitted by LuckyKip

Antiphon – Antiphon (2019) (EP)

Not only does this band have the same name as one of my favorite albums, but they blend different colors that I love. Colors like Yussef Kamaal or Sungazer, with the wap wap and the bap bap. Tons of different grooves packed in this EP and I can’t wait to hear more from the Melbourne located band.

Submitted by shroomie

Ronald Snijders – The Nelson & Djosa Sessions (2016)

I know i know, more floots. But hey, it would be a heck of an album even without them. But now its perfection.

Submitted by shroomie

Various Artists – Aloha Got Soul (2016)

A smoth, groovelicious collection from Strut (that I somehow missed) of soul, funk & disco from Hawaii. Let those grass skirts swing with the groove, watch out for falling coconuts. If the track ”Yesterday’s Love” doesn’t get you dancing head down to the morgue, you’re ded.

Submitted by hoggy

Koichi Sakai & Alfa Sackey – Wono (2020)

Fusion of electronic and African traditional instrumentation. Even has flutes. The mini LP includes a cover of Jingo.

Submitted by hoggy

Underground Canopy – Bluestaeb and S. Fidelity present Underground Canopy (2020)

More new jazz. Got the wah wah guitar sound and great sounding drums. These peeps got that smooth coolness factor in all their tracks. Another album that I enjoyed front to back.

Submitted by iamtherealtobi

Colleen Grant – Latin Parang (2019)

Looking for obscure disco/soca/latin from early 80s’ Trinidad & Tobago? No? it is anyway. Absolute massive tune.

Submitted by hoggy

Panchiko – D>E>A>T>H>M>E>T>A>L (2000)

When a CDR was found a thrift store in 2016 and posted to /mu/ questioning who made it no one knew the answer. For years many people believed that the rotted CDR was a fake made by OP to promote his own music as it sounded ahead of its time. This never came to be true or false. Soon the case went cold until a breakthrough in the case happened and the former members were found. In 2020 Panchiko would be remastered and released in a non distorted form.

Submitted by thepokémask

R.A.P Ferreira – Purple Moonlight Pages (2020)

The rapper formerly known as Milo came out of hiding this year and released one of the best projects of 2020. Combining Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Poetry Rory is able to combine them with a live band and create a unique album with some of his best production and lyrical writing.

Submitted by thepokémask

Lindha Kallerdahl, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Andreas Werliin – Rainbow (2020)

A great refreshing avant-garde vocal jazz record. Lindha Kalllerdahls singing is just ridiculously cheeky and invigorating.

Submitted by joja

Nils Berg Cinemascope – We Seem To Be Drifting Apart (2019)

The Rainbow album mentioned above made me check out the independent HOOB Records label. It feature some great, mostly swedish, jazz musicians, that explore a range of different sound scapes. Go check it out! This record features lots of ideas and influences from around the world. It’s a continuous record, so enjoy the smooth ride!

Submitted by joja

McCoy Tyner – 13th House (1981)

To honor the great late Jazz Master McCoy Tyner, who died in early March, I went a bit through his discography only to discover this absolute banger of a record. Get up and dance as a tribute to one of the greats.

Submitted by joja

That is it for March !

Don’t forget to follow the rotating playlist, and we will see you next time !
Also, some of us are working on a new type of content that we will post here, so stay tuned !

Stay safe !

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