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October 2019 : LB Monthly Finds

Hello Lankers, hope you’re all recovering well from your Halloween hangover. October was yet another musically busy month, which is why this is our lankiest submission with 23 !

Here is the October 2019 playlist :

And now the submissions :

Bob Dylan – Highway 61 Revisited (1965)

I understand it now.

Submitted by thepokémask

Edip Akbayram, Fikret Kizilok – Fikret Kizilok & Edip Akbayram (2006)

Compilation of these 2 Turkish artists works. Absolutely banging Turkish psych-rock interspersed with some beautiful ballads. Altin Gun heavily influenced by the sounds found here.

Submitted by Hoggy

Rêve d’éléphant Orchestra – Odyssée 14 (2015)

One of my favorite album from one of my favorite band – Rêve d’éléphant Orchestra is an obscure Brussels band which is both exuberant and rigorous in its compositions. This release contains lyrics, and shows some local departure from their jazz roots for weirder effects. Weird but accessible, this is a nice surrealist trip.

Submitted by wilmerton

Howie Lee – Tiãn Dì Bù Rén (2019)

Nice Chinese folk influenced electronics (sometimes plain post-folktronica) with occasional deep bass and a few excursions into atmospheric jazz. I don’t get the lyrics and I have no profound insight about this hybrid release but I enjoyed it.

Submitted by wilmerton

Heads Funk Band ‎– Hard World (1975)

Stripped down loose funk from Nigeria, recorded on a potato. Somehow this has no listeners on Spotify.

Submitted by Granddesign

Jake Milliner – Bernie Says (2019)

I won’t use this blog to share my political affiliations but Nah really, hard not to find your head bopping to this. And Alfa is on it so it deserves your attention. Can you spot the Gary Burton sample ?

Submitted by shroomie

Gabriele Poso (2019) – Batik

This album is as good as its cover art. A good mix of Latin/Afro-Latin and smoth jazz (and i’d risk my reputation by adding house-ish at times) that you can safely play on a warm afternoon while sipping on your caipirinha. The only criticism I have for Poso is that he is not from Brazil.

Submitted by shroomie

Saul – Murmurations (2019)

Brand spanking new debut EP bythe new duo Saul featuring fresh, fast paced broken beat jazz. The duo consists of Jack Stephenson-Oliver of Vels Trio and Barney Whittaker.

Submitted by joja

corto.alto – Better (Live From 435, Vol. 1) (2019)

Nu-jazz with kitti on vocals. Kinda thrashy? Pretty tasty.

Submitted by erica

Frente Cumbiero – Frente Cumbiero Meets Mad Professor (2016)

Lately I’ve been thinking about about the possibilities of combining cumbia with dub music. I didn’t remember that I had heard it several years ago. This one is more of a rediscovery than a discovery for me. Now after finding JQBX and listening to some incredible latin music, I have a bit more context listening this time.

Submitted by Granddesign

30/70 – Fluid Motion (2019)

Yet another great recording coming out of Melbourne. If you liked the Brownswood’s ‘Sunny Side Up’ compilation, you’ll have a good time with this. Band members include Allysha Joy, Horatio Luna and Ziggy Zeitgeist (Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange). By now this Jazz – Hip Hop – R&B – Soul style coming out of Melbourne has become so distinct it deserves it’s own name.

Submitted by joja

Andi Otto – Rwandance (2019)

Very interesting collaboration between German electronic producer Otto and Rwandan dancer, musician and cello player Evariste Karinganire. Otto also samples recordings from archives of Rwandan traditional singing and instruments.

Submitted by Hoggy

Will Sessions – Mix Takes (2015)

A journey through classic jazz, soul, and hiphop classics. Originally available as two separate albums. Each was recorded as sort of a live mixtape.

Submitted by Granddesign

Barry Brown – Things In Life (The Early Years) (2013)

Stanley the taxi man threw on some Barry Brown off one of his many USB sticks of music on the 1.5h ride to Negril, Jamaica. If he doesn’t know what’s good, I don’t know who honestly does. I should maybe try to buy one of those USBs off him before I go home…

Submitted by erica

Various Artists – Soul Sok Séga (2019)

Compilation of Songs from this small island nation out in the the Indian Ocean off the coast of east Africa (2000 kilometers, 1200 miles US) Combination of 70’s African rhythms , funk, merengue , and jazz . Can’t help myself getting up and jamming out with several songs off this.

Submitted by iamtherealtobi

The Salvation Army – The Salvation Army (1982)

In the 1980s there was a music scene in California called Paisley Underground that combined Psychedelic Rock, New Wave, Punk, and many other genres. The Salvation Army were one of the first to emerge from it and ended up renaming to Three O’Clock due to copyright issue but before they did that they released their best album. Also it sounds like skateboarding.

Submitted by thepokémask

Penya – Heyyeh (2019)

Freshly mint new single release from the afro-latin dance group. Great fusion of electronic beats and african call and response chanting. An appetising teaser for a hopefully new album, but check out their 2018 effort Super Limanal. Goes well with an impeachment enquiry.

Submitted by Hoggy

Glover Gill – A Ponzi Scheme (2019)

I was looking into the music of one of my favorite movies, Waking Life, and found that the composer of most of its soundtrack released an album this year. From my understanding, the badass composer and accordion/piano player spent most of his career playing tango in bars and clubs. Aside from the famous movie scoring with the Tosca Tango Orchestra, he seems rather lowkey as I struggle finding more of his work, other than the videos of ducks he is raising at home. He also announced in December that he would stop playing because he suffers from ”tennis elbow”, but will keep composing.

As for the album, I am stepping out of my comfort zone in this classical / tango / waltz ambiance, maybe just to prove Erica wrong, but all I can say is that the album successfully moved me, on a saturday morning, which is an accomplishment. Hope you enjoy.

Submitted by shroomie

A-F-R-O, Marco Polo Nightmare on Fro Street (2016)

I spent the last month digging the depths for good Halloween tracks to complement my 2018 discoveries. Nightmare on Fro Street was one of the most fun Halloween tracks I found this month. I’ve heard plenty of horrorcore hip hop songs….most of which are a little too cheesy for my taste. Nightmare on Fro Street is a perfect combo of funny and actually bangin.

Submitted by LuckyKip

Durul GenceBlack Cat (released 2019, recorded circa 1973)

Following the demise of the “highly anticipated/ill-fated” Asia Minor Mission in the 70’s, Durul Gence recorded stripped down versions of the bands most popular live tracks: Black Cat and Boo Song. These tracks were never released until the original tapes found their way into the hands of Finders Keepers records.

(Shout out to Hoggy for pointing me in the direction of Finders Keepers, the self-described “independent archival collective” that finds unreleased gems from around the world to repress and release.)

read more about the band here:

Submitted by LuckyKip

Pax – Exorcismo (Spectrum) (1974)

Los Holy’s led me to this band (and this fantastic Halloween track) through Spotify’s “Fans Also Like” feature. I knew I’d found something special when I heard that creepy voice opening with, “Daammnn Yoouu.”

Submitted by LuckyKip

Azmari – Ekera EP (2019)

I’m just blown away by these grooves. I think Lankers will dig this Ethio/turkish/psychofunk band as much as I do. Every song on it is great so give it a spin. Special thanks to JQBX member NothingIsLost for playing it !

Submitted by o.o

Irreversible Entanglements – Irreversible Entanglements (2017)

Cool free jazz spoken word EP. Nuff said.

Submitted by joja

That is what it is for this month’s finds, thank you for being a music nerd, and if you’re lucky you will soon get a new article every monday !


Hasta la proxxxima !

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