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Lanky Bastards’ Monthly Finds : June 2019

Greetings, fellow music enthusiats! For this edition of LB Monthly Finds we have pulled ourselves together again to gather some of the finest finds of the last month. 15 spicy songs, 3 alcoholic beverages and 1 beloved Tenderlonious “Tender Loins” McFluteman promise for 80 lovely minutes of music discovery. Enjoy!

New Releases (2019)

Newen Afrobeat – Curiche

How come no one submitted this in may?

submitted by shroomie

Derya Yildirim + Grup Şimşek – Kar Tagar

This is like The Doors but turkish. The Turkish Doors. No ? Just me? Ok.

submitted by shroomie

Auto kania – live record store day

New pych-acid rock band, led by hungarian guitarist Thomas Nagy.

submitted by Fadhly

Ruby Rushton – Ironside

Jazz..FLUTES.. The 4th studio album from the Tenderlonious led jazz quartet – Ruby Rushton. ‘Ironside’ is Ruby Rushton’s most complete work to date and was recorded over a 2 day session at the legendary Abbey Road Studios.

submitted by Uri

Aldorande – Aldorande

Smooth jazz, giving vibes of a modern Azymuth. Goes well with a caipirinha.

submitted by Hoggy

XOA – Heartland

Killer brand new release of Afro/Electro soul. Tony Allen-esque drumming makes this a pleasure. Goes well with a hoppy Pale Ale with citrus flavouring.

submitted by Hoggy

Mazouni – Un dandy en exil (Algérie- France 1969-1983)

Dead cool but fervent Algerian pop from the ‘60s/‘70s, rife with killer Chaabi breaks and twists on rock ’n roll and French yé-yé – the first compilation dedicated to Mohammad Mazouin, and including songs impossible to find elsewhere. Goes well with a gin & tonic.

submitted by Hoggy

Abdullah Ibrahim- The Balance

South African jazz pianist and composer, it’s an album the reflects on his past.

submitted by Fadhly

Jonny Mansfield – Elftet

Another fresh talent publishing under the Edition Records label. This 11-piece band under leadership of composer and vibraphonist Jonny Mansfield recorded 9 beautiful tracks that take you away to Feelgoodland.

submitted by joja

Cotonete & Di Melo – Atemporal

This is a brazillian-french funky jazz disco record. The spiritual successor to the 1975 brazillian soul classic ‘Di Melo’. After my first listen I immediately listened to it 2 more times and then 3 more times on a long train ride the next day. ‘If you like Cotonete’s ‘Layla’ you should definitely give ‘Muhler Instrumento’ a listen to experience ‘Layla’ under a new light.

submitted by joja

Ebi Soda – Bedroom Tapes

Another eclectic young ensemble with new experimental approaches to jazz, hailing from, who would’ve guessed, London UK. In this EP you’ll hear lots of high-energy instrumentals over dreamy echoey synths and other effects, almost reaching The Comet Is Coming levels at some points. Gotta love that mix.

submitted by joja

MIKE – Tears of Joy

MIKE is one of the best figures within the new underground scene. I consider him one of my favorite rappers out as of now. Tears of Joy is an album that deals with loss of his mother, black identity, and many other subjects that we can all relate to.

submitted by thepokémask

Fresh Digs

Love – Forever Changes (1967)

Love – Forever Changes is one of the greatest pieces of music to come out of the 60s. Combining all the great elements the decade had to offer with a mix of Spanish, Folk, Psychedelic, and numerous of other genres. The mixing on it is flawless, the vocals are perfect, and the song writing matches only the top of the top songs. This is also one of the only albums you cannot place a decade/era on without knowing the album prior to the listening experience.

submitted by thepokémask

Rejoicer – Energy Dreams (2018)

Moody electronic jazz album with amazing sound design.

submitted by Robin

The Pretty Things – S.F. Sorrow (1968)

One of the first concept album like the wall this album follows S.F. Sorrow. Though I don’t really get it the song I have chosen the guitar in it sounds like Electric Ladyland aka the greatest album ever made.

submitted by thepokémask

Be here next time when there will definitely be at least one cool track with flutes again. Cheers!

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