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Lanky Bastards’ Monthly Finds : May 2019





May felt kinda dry. Lonely. Empty. Null. Abysmal. Dark. Blank. Asleep.

At least on JQBX. Because le shroom was away on vacation having the time of his life.

Fortunately, not all MFers were away or asleep, and we went for QUALITY instead of Quantity ! Here they are :

Lanky Finds for may :

Sungazer – Sungazer, Vol. 2 (2019)

Awesome merge of jazz, edm, prog rock, funk and weirdness

Submitted by robin

Seba Kaapstad – Don’t (2019)

This band blew me away with their recent singles, especially ”Don’t”. I feel like the song draws influences from pop, rnb, spiritual jazz, and even classical, altogether. I think it is a truly beautiful song and i can’t wait for this album to come out.

Submitted by shroomie

Marcos Valle – Alma (2019)

Very smoth Brazilian jazz-funk, perfect the summer months.

Submitted by hoggy

Laneous – Monstera Deliciosa (2019)

I’ll add a description later since I haven’t been all the way through yet, but it’s amazing so far.

Submitted by joja

Stephan Micus – White Night (2019)

Atmospheric ambient-jazz with some Greek traditional influences. Like joja I’ll add a better description and pick a track once I’ve heard it more. Here is the track

Submitted by Hoggy

ZelooperZ – Easter Sunday 97 ft. Earl Sweatshirt (2019)

ZelooperZ’s new album Dyn-O-Mite (named after the famous phrase of JJ from Good Times) has a collection of good songs on it but the stand out track is Easter Sunday 97 produced by Black Noi$e is a feel good banger with happy Earl Sweatshirt.

Submitted by thepokémask

Greg Foat – The Mage (2019)

Diverse and easy listenable jazz record with some Pink Floyd vibes, Runescape harp vibes and more.

Submitted by Robin

Wanubalé – Strange Heat (2019)

Another gem from my DW playlist (Ethno Jazz)

Submitted by shroomie

Bon voyage organisation – Love Soup (2015)

Groovy french poppy jazz with psych synths, sometimes my Discover weekly hits the spot

Submitted by shroomie

Voilà ! We hope to see you with more stuff next month !

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