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LB Monthly Finds : April 2019

Voilà, the third edition of this collaborative -Lanky Bastards signed- Monthly Finds. Even though this month was poor in blog articles, it was musically entertaining with a lot of well waited releases. So without further ado, check out what the bastards found for you !

Summary Playlist : Monthly Finds 2019

All Monthly Finds by the MotherLankers

New Releases (2019)

Ezra Collective – What Am I to Do (ft. Loyle Carner) (2019)

Smooth af new track from the London five-piece jazz Ezra Collective, featuring rhymes by the English rapper Loyle Carner. This track is warm buttered toast on a rainy spring day.

Submitted by LuckyKip

Palomo Wendell – Mawataneres (2019)

Smoth chill funk akin to the Khruangbin sound. This track is like breaking wind in a jacuzzi.

Submitted by Hoggy

Vula Viel – Do Not Be Afraid (2019)

Vula Viel is a jazz group from London, playing music based on the sound of the gyil, a wooden xylophone from West Africa, fused with elements of electronica and minimal music.

Submitted by Hoggy

Cotonete – Layla (2019)

This album was released in February and is worth a listen, but this peculiar song ”Layla” has stuck with me since. I even woke up with the song in my head. The whole song is built around a very simple singing pattern with harmonies. Yet, it doesn’t feel redundant. The band found ways to play around the progression nicely, creating a very pleasing experience.

Submitted by shroomie

The Budos Band – V (2019)

The Budos Band is one of those bands that I will enjoy any of their songs – really, any – but none usually truly stands out that much. And I’m not saying that in a bad way, it’s just how it is. They’ve made another album that could very well be a dope movie soundtrack, yet I have a hard time choosing one song to make the monthly playlist.

Submitted by shroomie

Billy Woods / Kenny Segal – Hiding Places (2019)

Billy Woods teams up with independent producer Kenny Segal who has worked with the likes of Open Mike Eagle, Milo, and Busdriver. This project has a lot of upsides to it and itself is very different from Billy Woods work with Elucid. It has a less heavy sounding production and instead focuses on more haunting loops which fits with the tone of Woods rapping and from fuzzy guitars to weird ambient loops. Billy’s writing is also very superb on this with it having a lot of quotable lines and you are able to picture what he is saying making it stand out more to you. I consider this my favorite Hip Hop project as of now as it has many things that makes it stands out and is definitely one of his projects to date.

Submitted by thepokémask

Altin Gün – Gece (2019)

I am so stoked that these guys are playing in Montreal in July ! Their new album didn’t disappoint, I’d say it even competes with their excellent debut album. I will need more listens to say. Head Bumpin’ guaranteed.

Submitted by shroomie

Chiminyo – I Am Chiminyo (2019)

Released in late march this somehow went under my radar first. Eventually though, someone who is part of Maisha, Don Kipper and Cykada won’t escape my never ending hunger of fresh UK Jazz. This EP though is a little differen as it’s not as much jazz as it’s electronic music, not implying those two are mutually exclusive. Let one little fact be enough to let this short EP blow your mind: The tracks are live drums. No loops or other bamboozling. It’s all live drums and synths triggered by the drums.

Submitted by joja

Pyjaen – Nah (2019)

Fresh as fuck afrobeat jazz fusion from London. Debut single from these guys.

Submitted by Hoggy

Amon Tobin – Fear in a Handful of Dust (2019)

Description : Amon Tobin doesn’t need presenting, and probably neither does this release. But as mainstream as this is, this requires a highlight. Sound crafting at its peak, this album as clear roots in experimental music – track structures lift off traditional progressions. This album is all about sounds merging into one another, disrupting one another and evolving. One could argue tracks should be longer or more integrated along the album. Well, even without this Amon Tobin shows his mastery.

Submitted by wilmerton

Black to Comm – Seven Horses For Seven Kings (2019)

Latest release of the german Marc Richter, this is my favorite. If you like dark ambient and experimental music, you have to try this. It is dark. And it is very interesting. It is ambient, widely speaking, but not the boring kind. Digital and analog blend in vast echoing crypts. Loops pop and vanish, ominous drones haunt, screeching sounds eat your brain painlessly. But really what makes it all stand out is the artistry with which “normal” instruments (sax, horns, choirs, strings, piano, drums) are integrated in the tracks and give it a unique flavor, and even deeper darkness. No, what really makes it is how it makes a great continuous listen. Well it is great…

Submitted by wilmerton

Louis Cole – My BUICK (Live sesh) (2019)

Hoggy shared this with me and it’s just amazing. I drive a Buick, so it’s extra special to me.
” Thanks to joja for that one. ” – Hoggy

Submitted by Bethmax

Fazer – Nadi (2019)

Too lazy for description.

Submitted by Lazy Uri

Weyes Blood – Titanic Rising (2019)

Dreamy Baroque Psychedelic Indie Pop with nice vocals.

Submitted by thepokémask

Quelle Chris – Guns (2019)

Bangers with political stuff and top 5 hip hop aoty.

Submitted by thepokémask

New Finds that are not from 2019

Eddie Gale – Eddie Gale’s Ghetto Music (1968)

Albums like these are why I’ll keep digging for music forever. This is free jazz meets gospel meets soul. It’s a tiny snapshot, an insight into a flourishing and constantly evolving genre, where new things are invented and old things brought back.

Submitted by joja

Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee & The Clinic – Flutebox (2011)

Was it posted before – idk but I discovered this thanks to a Lanky Bastard. This EP (barely more than a single actually) is a banger. Mix of beatboxing (and fluteboxing), well engineered D&B sounds and some rapping sprinkled here and there. It is catchy as fuck, and easy on the ear without being stupid.

Submitted by wilmerton

Ernest Ranglin – Be What You Wanna Be (1982)

Sweet mix of reggae, disco and jazz from the jamaican legend Ernest Ranglin. The song I’m submitting took me by surprise, kinda sounds like stuff some downtempo electronic group would be producing in the late 90’s early 00’s.

Submitted by Yorch

Marcus Strickland Twi-Life – People Of The Sun (2018)

Hoggy would enjoy this I think – Leads with jazzy sax and a taint of that african music.

Submitted by Uri

There ya go lankers.
I hope you enjoy our finds.
Now what are you supposed to say on the end of blog posts?
I don’t know
Mashed potatoes
Buttery… biscuits
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A yes, yes, yes y’all
You don’t stop
Keep on… a’ to the breakadawn
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You thought the post was over!
Ah! We tricked you, we tricked you
Ha ha ha ha…
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