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New Blog And A Fresh Find

Hey lankers! I’m joja. Since I’m still not quite sure how we’re gonna do this blog, I decided to just start typing. I’ll try to give everyone (but mostly myself) an idea on what a post could look like, while also sharing a little insights into my motivations for this blog. If you’re just here for the music, skip to the ‘Fresh Finds’ part.

Outro As Intro

To start things off with the wrong foot – I have never been good in creative writing or composing essays and english isn’t even my first language. I have no experience in blogging and don’t read other blogs. So, yeah. I don’t know how to do this. This song, Outro by my favorite band Vulfpeck, might as well accompany a heartfelt farewell from the blog following my underwhelming first post. But Outro is actually the opening song on Vulfpeck’s 2nd EP Vollmilch. And (to me) it feels more like an intro as it’s also been my introductory song to the band. But not only that. A few years back I actually used to play this song to get out of bed. As an intro to the new day.

I don’t remember where exactly I found Outro, but I definitely remember my first listen…

Less than 10 seconds into the song after those crispy drums set in I’m thinking “Daaamn this is good”  and immediately start rocking in my chair. Cue the saxophone – “Oohhh fuck yes” – and I’m getting this warm feeling of joy rising in my stomach as I sense the funk spirit possessing me, lifting me up to dance in my room with dangerously intense head bobbing.

This feeling I had with Outro is part of why I’m so much into discovering new music. The moment when you just know it’s gonna be good. I used this song for a few days as a part of my morning routine to get up and start doing shit. As soon as the saxophone started playing I would be up and dancing towards the bathroom. This might sound cheesy, but dammit it helped getting my life in order, albeit for just a few days.

Joining the JQBX community a few months ago really dialed up the speed of my Magic Music Discovery Schoolbus to 11, making it hard to really get a hold of all the gems I pass by. So when fellow lanky bastards Hoggy, Shroomie and Kip pitched this collective blog, the idea of properly documenting some of our experiences with music seemed quite appealing to me. Reviewing new songs and reflecting on old songs sounds like fun and might bring back some of these memorable experiences like I had with Outro. So, long story short, I’m not leaving yet. And, dammit this blog might even help getting my music in order.

 48-Year-Old Fresh Find

While brainstorming ideas for the blog we came up with some categories/formats for posts. Amongst many ideas, one is ‘FUNK DAT!‘, a rant format inspired by our shared love for the song Why Is It? (Funk Dat) by Sagat. Another one is ‘Defining Songs/Albums/Artists’ where we write about music that has had an impact on our way of listening and/or defines and describes our individual musical tastes like I kinda just did with Outro. And in spirit of the JQBX Room ‘Fresh Finds’, we’ll have a format where we share our very recent findings. And I’m gonna close with just that.

My fresh find from today is just the lankest album I’ve listened to the last few days. Circles by William S. Fischer. This absolutely disgusting chameleon of a record contains Jazz-Rock, Dark Jazz, soulful RnB, Rock and Experimental/Abstract/Electronic parts which makes it hard to believe that it was released in 1970. I challenge you (especially lankers Pokes and Hoggy) to find me an album that’s as stimulating as this sexy beast.

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