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FEB 2020 : LB Monthly Finds

Here we go ! Like every first monday of the month, we provide our freshest finds to you with up to three finds per bastard. We try to keep it fresh (released in the previous year) but we also share forgotten gems and stuff we simply have just discovered, too.

This week we have 17 discoveries for you, and we hope you enjoy!
Here is the playlist with all of them :

Now, here is the list and descriptions :

Badge Époque Ensemble – Undressed in Solitude (2019)

I swear, it’s not the floots.
Well, ok, not just the floots.

Submitted by shroomie

Dijf Sanders – JAVA (2017)

Good jazzy sounds with imported electronic rythms and folkloric indonesian music. Good sounds. Healthy. Experimental (I’m me, right?). And I get to live nearby so what else to ask?

Submitted by wilmerton

John Cale – Paris 1919 (1973)

John Cale’s must accessible album and one of his best using the sounds of Pop to make good pop music. (like IGOR)

Submitted by thepokémask

The United States Of America (1968, eponymous)

A somewhat not overly well known classics of psychedelic rock. Or even if it is mainstream, you’re welcome you fellow one-of-10000.

Submitted by wilmerton

Jeff Parker-Suite for Max Brown (2020)

My being finally locked my old jazz bias into the basement and now my younger self wanted some new jazz. Jeff Parker delivers with this new release having influences from hip hop/beats , soul , and a little bit of drone/electronic ? Anyways I throughly enjoyed this album front to back.

Submitted by iamtherealtobi

Amnesty ‎– Free Your Mind: The 700 West Sessions (2007)

Originally recorded inbetween 1973 and 1974, this long lost funk masterpeice was brought back to life from the folks at Now Again Records.
This release is full of deep funk, sprinkled with soul,rnb,rock,jazz, and gospel.

Submitted by Mattt

W2NG – Various Artists (2018)

The year is 1984, you’re in your kitchen washing dishes, and you slip on the tile. You realize that you briefly lost consciousness, you also begin to realize that things are a bit…off. Your forks have an extra prong, your fridge is a quarter inch taller, and the on the counters sprinkle’s are in the same place, but the colors are in different order. You were listening to your local adult contemporary radio station, what you’re hearing is almost Steely Dan, but not quite. You’ve stumbled into an alternate universe, but in the most boring sense. Everything is almost the same, and this is the soundtrack to that universe. Nothing to freak out about really, besides a new episode of Chorles in Chorge just came on.

Submitted by Mattt

Dinosaur Dirtbag – Delicious Flavored K-Cups (2015)

Stockport-based group Dinosaur Dirtbag have returned with their third record Delicious Flavored K-Cups . On the album they manage to take influence from some of the biggest icons in the pop world, all while keeping their Manchester-sounding roots well intact. By doing so they produce their most accomplished and best sounding work to date.
It’s no lie to say Dinosaur Dirtbag have achieved a great amount of success in their short career so far. We all know them from songs like Charlemagne and I Can’t Stand it, though you may be surprised to discover the band have never had a top 40 single. This speaks so highly of their albums as a whole; they don’t rely on a big single and fill the rest of the tracklisting with fodder. This is especially true on their latest musical output.
The big question among Dinosaur Dirtbag fans is, does anyone actually read or listen to these? Here’s the previous paragraph repeated again,but in reverse order. Output musical latest their on true especially is this. Fodder with tracklisting the of rest the fill and single big a on rely don’t they whole; a as albums their of highly so speaks this. Single 40 top a had never have band the discover to surprised be may you though it, Stand Can’t I and Charlemagne like songs from them know all we. Far so career short their in success of amount great a achieved have Dirtbag Dinosaur say to lie no it’s.

Submitted by Mattt

Various Artists – 12 Bombazos Bailables (2019)

Another re-issue by Vampisoul of the legendary Colombian label Disco Fuentes. As expected, the quality of Colombian latin music here is fantastic. In other words – bangers.

Submitted by Hoggy

Larry Nozero – Tune For L.N. (1975)

No, really, it’s not just about the floots.
(more seriously if you can grab this album, do it)

Submitted by shroomie

Slint – Spiderland (1991)

Imagine a band that made music that doesn’t sound like anything else and is hard to get into. Slint released 1 album before releasing Spiderland in 1991 and it uses elements of Post-Hardcore, Math-Rock, and Post-Rock while having odd time signature changes, weird rhythms, repeating riffs, and personal lyrics to give it a dark atmosphere. Listen to this album when you are sitting in a boring atmosphere and have nothing else to do but work.

Submitted by thepokémask

Kevin Ayers – Joy Of A Toy (1969)

After leaving Soft Machine in the 60s Kevin Ayers decided to make the equivalent of the Alice In Wonderland Soundtrack made by hippies in the 1960s. Using elements of Psychedelic Pop, Baroque Pop, Canterbury Scene (aka Hippie Jazz usually mixed with 1970s Progressive Rock) and many other genres of Pop he is able to scope a land unique to the album giving it a sense of playfulness while also having a dark undertone in it. The production on the album is also amazing and should be noted as sounding completely different from the sounds of the time using abstract orchestration, weird and playful keys, odd guitar effects, and weird mixing to give it that magical sound of Alice In Wonderland in the 1960s. Also Syd Barrett is on it.

Submitted by the pokémask

Ricardo Richaid – Largado Nu (2020)

Okay, okay, maybe it’s the floots.

Submitted by shroomie

Lojii s – lo&behold (2020)

This album is chill, jazzy, and has warm punchy drums. Lojii released this rap album, which has rich soundscapes, after a rough time when both his mentors/inspirations have died ( Ras G and Nipsey hustle ) However, he rises above and perseveres, as many of his raps’ have conscious lyrics. I found a lot of tracks throughout the album that I really enjoyed plus they’re short and sweet.

Submitted by iamtherealtobi

Batsumi – Batsumi (1974)

No short description could do this music and it’s historical context any justice. It’s powerful, it’s magical, it’s afro-spiritual jazz the likes you wouldn’t even hear it from Pharoah Sanders or Sun Ra.

Submitted by joja

Alabaster DePlume – To Cy & Lee: Instrumentals Vol. 1 (2020)

Let the soft healing sounds of DePlume’s tenor sax ease you into spring. These 11 tracks show flavours Min’yō and Ethio-Jazz, amongst other styles.

Submitted by joja

Mauskovic Dance Band – Shadance Hall (2020)

The Amsterdam based troop delivers once again with just stupidly good dance music.

Submitted by joja

That’s it ! Once again, we hope you enjoy, and we will try to make a few posts this month, until the next LBMF ! Peace, Love, and uh, cookies.

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