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December 2019 : LB Monthly Finds

New decade, new music. While December has been kind of slow for fresh lanky music, we still managed to discover some hot new shit.

Here’s the playlist for December 2020.

DRB-ADB – DRB-ADB-001 (2017)

If you’re looking for drum samples, look no further. This EP recorded in one take with no post-prod will make you want to pick sticks up and learn some chops.

submitted by Shroomie

Voice of Chunk – Lounge Lizards (1989)

Little marvel of avant-garde jazz album with free, off-beat, and jazz-rock moments which dot a landscape of smooth sound sometimes slashed by a grindy guitar. Classic.

submitted by wilmerton

The Marriage of True Minds – Matmos (2013)

I think it is not the fan’s favorite of Matmos but it is mine so far (didn’t explore their whole discogs though). Recommended for whoever enjoys catchy and slightly twisted electroacoustic music with the occasional mind twisting experimentations.

submitted by wilmerton


Coming from JP in all caps. Sometimes smoth, other times with a heavy groove, sprinkled some psychedelic flourishes.

submitted by Matt

DJ Krush – Jaku (2004)

Dark and dynamic instrumental hiphop with some Japanese vibes. If you liked the legendary and otherworldly Deltron 3030 album, you’ll probably enjoy this too.

submitted by robin

Hidria Spacefolk – Nasha Universo (2010)

Wikipedia : ”Hidria Spacefolk is a Finnish folk-influenced progressive / psychedelic rock / space rock band. ” Shroomie : ”Floots!” No but really, I’m not even into prog rock, and I find this amazing.

submitted by Shroomie

FLY or DIE II: bird dogs of paradise (2019)

submitted by Hoggy

Mathias Modica presents Kraut Jazz Futurism (2019)

submitted by Hoggy

Brainstory – Buck (2019)

submitted by Hoggy

Nick Drake – Five Leaves Left (1969)

Sad folk with pretty orchestration and quiet singing.

submitted by poké

T. Rex – Electric Warrior (1971)

Good classic rock that’s not stereotypical.

submitted by poké

Horace Tapscott with the Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra – Soul Jazz Records Presents Horace Tapscott with the Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra: Live at I.U.C.C. (1979)

Good jazz music.

submitted by poké

Frank Zappa – The Hot Rats Sessions (2019)

Ok, I know that this isn’t necessarily an obscure album, but much of the material on this six disc set is. This set was released for the 50th anniversary of Zappa’s first solo album, Hot Rats, a day before what would have been his 79th birthday. The release is full of outtakes, unedited mixes, and other bits of audio. It gives you a peek into the creative process that went into the final album.

Edit by Joja: Damn this is amazing.

submitted by Granddesign

Dibia$E – Bonus Levels (2019)

Nintendo, Sound effects, hard kicks, and warp speed beats. One of the most prolific beat makers of today.

submitted by tobi

Matana Roberts – COIN COIN Chapter Four: Memphis (2019)

Released in November, but I only had the time to fully appreciate it in December. This is an album you either disregard early, or you give it your full attention and have your mind blown. The story, the free jazz, the familiar melodies, the consistency through the whole album – all those qualities make it a masterpiece and my jazz album of the year.

submitted by joja

El Khat – Saadia Jefferson (2019)

This puts together multiple influences, “cultural crossroads that meet in Yemen” (as described on El Khat’s Bandcamp page). The first time I listened to this record, not expecting much from it, I was consistently blown away. Without fail, every single track emanates vitality and beauty.

submitted by joja

Funkadelic – America Eats Its Young (1972)

Funkadelic should be stranger to noone. I don’t know how this record slipped through the cracks the first time, but I’m glad I went back to find it.

submitted by joja

Teotima – Weightless (2019)

Fun album with good vibes from another soul/jazz ensemble from UK (i lost count).

submitted by shroomie

Keep an eye out for our best of 2020 post, dropping soon! Lank ya later.

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