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September 2019 : LB Monthly Finds

Do you remember

the 21st night of september?

Well I don’t. But that’s somewhere between when Erica (who has an awesome blog) discovered JQBX and joined the (lazy) bastards, and when GrandDesign (who has an awesome potato-shaped van) joined the crew as well ! While GD has been hanging on juke with us for a while and sharing super groovy tunes and very similar tastes, Erica joined the app in early September and it was like she was born a lanker. We are glad they are now part of the crew, because their music knowledge and taste is pure cabbage.

This month was not only good in terms of roster, but also for all the good music that came out, like joja pointed out. Okay enough with the self plugs.

NO WAIT ! Erica also wrote a piece about us !
(is there room for conflict of interest here ? maybe we could sue and profit…)

Okay now we can move on. Here are your September Finds !

Anthony Joseph – Milligan (The Ocean) (2018)

Really groovy afrojazzy tune with a nicely told tale.

Submitted by shroomie

Akashic Tale 001: Landhouse (DJ Mix) (2019)

In this release, German producer Landhouse mixes a bunch of tracks from the Mexico-based Akasha MX label. If you like relaxed, no headache downtempo/Microhouse , very CBL (if you know JQBX), well if you like that, this mix is wonderful.

Submitted by wilmerton

Fania Goes Psychadelic — Comp Album (2019)

This 15 song Fania Records collection tracks the influence of soul, R&B, psychedelia, and drug culture on the Latin sound of the Spanish Harlem neighborhood “El Barrio” in the 60’s and 70’s.

Afro Shingaling — The Latinaires (1968) : This catchy jam sounds like a latin-boogaloo cross between Dancing In the Street and Electric Boogie.

Electric Latin Soul – Flash & the Dynamics (1971) : This psychedelic rock jam sounds like the montage track to a Tarantino heist preparation scene.

Guajira Psicodelica — Flash & the Dynamics (1971) : Electric Latin Soul left me wanting more. A psychedelic take on the Cuban guajira sound from this 70’s New York group

Submitted by LuckyKip

The Red Crayola – The Parable of Arable Land (1967)

I have no idea how to describe this album but whatever it is I want to make something like it.

Submitted by thepokémask

Palm Unit – Don’t Buy Ivory Anymore (2019)

Fresh spiritual jazz from Lyon. The track “Le piroguier” is quite catchy, which isn’t often the case in this genre.

Submitted by joja

The KuitMangoes – Afrotropism (2019)

Grooving afrobeat/jazz with electro touches . At times it delves into North African guitar rhythms.

Submitted by hoggy

Michael Chapman – Fully Qualified Survivor (1970)

A unique one of a kind Folk album that has nothing else really like it. Using a very unique and amazing singer songwriter writing style of acts like Donovan, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young, combining it with the Blues revival of the 1960s, and using influences of subtle middle eastern music it has a very unique atmosphere to it that is missing in most Folk albums of this time. Michaels guitar playing is also suburb on this truly making him an under-appreciated Folk legend. Also Robert Plant stole the song Kodak Ghost from him after seeing him play live because they shared the same album cover maker. This song which was stolen you may know as Stairway to Heaven.

Submitted by thepokémask


Debut album from the London based quintet. i was looking forward to this album after their single Nah, which is an absolute banger. The album doesn’t quite live up to this single which is first in the track order, but it certainly had it moments overall. Probably a 6/10, although maybe further listens but reveal more depth.

Submitted by hoggy

Ashley Henry – Beautiful Vinyl Hunter (2019)

Simply a great jazz album with lots of smothness, different vocal styles, and bim badum baps. Three tracks stood out for me : COLORS, Dark Honey (ft. McCraven), and THE MIGHTY (ft. Ben Marc). No track felt out of place or weak, so I recommend enjoying the whole trip !

Submitted by shroomie

Hoodna Orchestra – Ofel (2019)

11 piece orchestra from Tel Aviv release their latest LP. Heavily influenced by Ethiopian jazz. Includes a Prodigy cover.

Submitted by hoggy

Neue Grafik Ensemble – Foulden Road EP (2019)

hi i’m a new kid please don’t shove me in a locker tysm

Have you been missing that special something in your life? Is that special something bass-driven jazz that’s been thrown in a blender with afro-funk, R&B, house, and juuust a smidge of spoken word? Neue Grafik’s fresh-baked 7-tracker has all those ingredients. Some instrumental, some vocal, all heavy grooving.

Submitted by erica

Toy – Toy (2005)

Playful, imaginative, and gleeful. Everything you should expect from an album made with toy instruments. This album features expertly and densely layered arrangements with backdrops ranging from a sunny meadow to an undersea submarine. With the right amount of tension to keep things from being too saccharine, this album is a joy straight through.

Submitted by GrandDesign

Pat martino – Cream (1997)

Great jazz album, especially if you’re interested particularly in great Jazz guitar playing. Pat martino is a jazz guitarist who emerge back in the 60’s, yet due to a brain surgery in 80’s , he was left with amnesia and had to relearn to play the guitar again as he once did. In the song “Sunny”, you can hear how he manage to run down the scales relentlessly without missing the groove tempo. The band’s interaction with him is also very playful and exciting; ie. in the song “do you have a name” in 7:34, they double their tempo. Overall good album, great plays. (reminds me of joe pass)

Submitted by Fads

Skyjack – The Hunter (2019)

A comprehensive jazz album by an South African/Swiss ensemble. Going through different jazz styles this album should provide something for everyone. Like the song ‘Aube a L’inconnu’ that starts with profound free jazz and transforms into this beautiful soulful piece in an effortless – yet brilliant fashion.

Submitted by joja

Miriam Makeba – Miriam Makeba (1960)

I recently rediscovered the catalog of the legendary ‘Mama Africa’ Miriam Makeba. Take a minute and step into the magically idyllic world that is african soul and folk music. One song everyone should be familiar with is Solomon Linda’s ‘Mbube’, mostly known as ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’.

Submitted by joja

So there you have it ! Stay tuned because there is a lot that I have saved this month that I need to go through, which will result in more submissions in October ! Our next Monthly Finds will be ready for your Halloween hangover 😉

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