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Lanky Bastards’ Monthly Finds : August 2019

Quick update: We’re trying to get a weekly or at least bi-weekly schedule going (including this monthly post) with new posts coming out on Mondays. So you can expect a LB Monthly playlist every first Monday of the month. In the coming weeks you can also expect a post about obscure psychedelic music by Pokes and a new ‘Vocals in Jazz Music’ by Joja. Stay tuned!

New Releases (2019)

Anna Meredith – Paramour

Electronic orchestral avant garde banger. That’s is all.

submitted by Hoggy

L’├ęclair – Suite No. 2

Nice smoth modern disco. Like a cross of Khruangbin and Todd Terje.

submitted by Hoggy

Contrast Trio – Music for Luminale IM

Latest release of this wonderful Trio, here featuring Leonhard Huhn at the saxophone. Ambient, minimalist Jazz achieving a smooth blend of electronic sounds and acoustic instruments. Continuous listen advised.

submitted by wilmerton

Nim Sadot – Nim Quartet II

The second album of London based bass player Nim Sadot and his Quartet project. Like their first album it’s easily listenable and they still like atmospheric synths so it surely has that 80’s vibe again. There are a few experimental elements on this record like the digital drums and heavily manipulated bass sound on Ubermensch.

submitted by Robin

Patrice Rushden – Remind Me

New release covering her Elektra recordings (1977-1984). Includes 2 absolute bangers, one included in the playlist.

submitted by Hoggy

Four Tet – Live at Alexandra Palace, London, 8th and 9th May 2019

Four Tet doesn’t need to be introduced of course. But if you didn’t know yet that Four Tet releases his live sets under the pseudo 4TLR, it is time to learn it – the set of last May is one of my favorite to date.

submitted by wilmerton

Tenesha The Wordsmith – Peacocks and Other Savage Beasts

Last week I said I was getting into spoken word and I must admit it’s mainly because I’ve been really impressed with the few singles that had been released off of this album to that point. Now it’s all out and doesn’t disappoint. The hard hitting poetry enhanced with jazz and electronic music make for pensive 30 minutes.

submitted by joja

Son Swagga – Dark Magic

An album so good Hoggy played it first and forgot it existed.

submitted by Shroomie

Fresh Digs

Ojard – Euphonie (2017)

Very smoth, flooty album. Ambiances that will give you flashbacks of Plantasia.

submitted by Shroomie

The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices – BooCheeMish (2018)

These balkan voices bands are growing on me. There is something sacred in this form of expression and in the experience of simply receiving that energy. I’m not really sure how to describe it so I’ll stop here…

submitted by Shroomie

Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange (Self-titled) (2018)

Woke Jazz. The Wokest I’ve heard this month. Can’t be woker.

submitted by Shroomie

Aufgang – Istiklaliya (2013)

Second full length album of Aufgang, and last one as a trio, this release is a favorite of mine. More coherent and accessible than their first opus which clearly showed that they didn’t quite yet find their equilibrium between their E/IDM and contemporary classical influences. Nothing alike their last one, which clearly shows how bad was the loss of the second pianist, Francesco Tristano. Istiklaliya is made nearly exclusively of crescendo instrumental bangers with enormous sound as one can expect from 2 grand pianos, sometimes prepared, and an explosion of synths. Warning: loud.

submitted by wilmerton

Nat Birchall – Cosmic Language (2018)

This is spiritual jazz deeply inspired by the music of jazz legends like Alice Coltrane and Yusef Lateef. Jazz and indian raga are made for each other like peanut butter and jelly.

submitted by joja

Peter Thomas Sound Orchester – Raumpatrouille Orion (Original Soundtrack) (1966)

This score, composed for Germany’s first science fiction tv series, gives you another attempt on Space Jazz aside from the more prominent spiritual pieces by the likes of Pharoah Sanders or Sun Ra.

submitted by joja

If you’re still hungry for more, maybe check out last month’s LB Monthly Finds.

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