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Need more floots ?

Hey there Lanksters. Hope you are all safe and well.
Hoggy and I thought you might need some more groovy floots to cope with this isolation, so we brought you a new Floot Groov playlist !

Floot Groov 2.0

We took some time to make sure these picks were filled with different grooves and we hope you enjoy !

The process also brought to life other floot playlists, so stay tuned because there shall be more to come !

See you next monday with our Monthly Finds !

Abandoned at a young age by his father Hoggy, Shroomie was raised by wolves and memes while feeding on cabbage. After discovering mushrooms, he became a new man and decided to go back to find his family, wearing a mask. He was then known as MF SHROOM. *Might be married to ahbooyou, depending on the month*

One thought on “Need more floots ?

  1. Shout out to the track Locomotive Breath by Jethro Tull for kick-starting my obsession with FLOOTS

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