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Valentine’s Day — Love Playlist

Ain’t gonna lie, this is gonna be one lazy post.

I simply wanted to tell you all, our 3 readers, but espacially Lankers, that I love you all very much, and that I am grateful to have you around, so that I can steal your music.

The following playlist is a mix of oldies and fresh tracks that waltzes between Soul, RnB, Jazz, Funk, and other genres. Hope you like it.

In all seriousness I do really appreciate getting to know each one of you. Through our DJ battles, boo’s misadventures (The Wall), our !fights for imaginary points, our countless spontaneous absurd themes, this blog, and our brand and merch (spoiler), we have bonded. We have bonded not only over a weird sense of humor, our love for music, or poke’s love for chess, but also because everyone of you is wholesome, loves to listen, to share, and to collaborate. So let this post be my tribute to our friendship, because, I really love you.

To conclude the post, a wise man once said :

” Ever noticed how the Heart is considered the most vital part of the body and also a symbol for Love? Maybe that is because Love is essential to life. ”

Abandoned at a young age by his father Hoggy, Shroomie was raised by wolves and memes while feeding on cabbage. After discovering mushrooms, he became a new man and decided to go back to find his family, wearing a mask. He was then known as MF SHROOM. *Might be married to ahbooyou, depending on the month*

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