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A Quick Hello Post from Boo

Hello! I’m Boo (ahbooyou on JQBX) and on JQBX you can catch me flitting between EDM PLUR, MF Room, and (shhhh!) being a mod in NOCAB. To be honest, looking at MF room’s description: “Groovy / Jazzy / Funky / RnB / Pych,” you probably wouldn’t catch me there. I remember the first time I ever stumbled in there, I did my best to DJ and Shroom made me a moderator which pressured me to keep coming back. What I should have known was that there are a plethora of maybe 50+ mods but hey I didn’t say anything! If you’re a mod, I promise you’re very special and unique to our room. So what do I like to listen to? Well every time I enter a JQBX room there’s an announcement exclaiming ahbooyou of room EDM plur, so yes I lean towards EDM and a weird variety of I’m not exactly sure what genre this is but hey make it easy and look at my (@tthereesa). Funny thing, edm doesn’t slide in MF Room. I mean Pokes (thepokemask) still tries to push eurobeat? European house? I don’t know what he’s on about and then there’s Hogg who talks about old house music “back in his day” with his drug cocktails. ANYWAY WHERE AM I GOING WITH THIS? Something about MF Room and my music taste. Well I never listened to jazz…or funk… or world…. or anything with a groove like you’d hear in MF Room… I remember when I played some dubstep in the room when I was drunk and I messed our bot Viktor up, ah good times. Not sure if that’s as bad as the time Joja and I made him play spice girls 3 times.. okay so that’s why this post is a little different from the others because my music taste veers off just a tad bit. The point I want to make is that the people in this room are great and although slightly overwhelming, I would definitely recommend hanging out even if you don’t because wow my range of music EXPLODED! DEAD! AAAAH! I’ll warn you, be careful of the nets because most of us believe we’re pokemon trainers catching pokemons and don’t leave your drink unattended (or watch what is poured carefully). BE PREPARED TO BE TRAPPED! Well anyway, I will keep this brief and wrap it up by sharing two favorite songs from MF room NOW.

A particular favorite song from Shroom that is from our date nights:

Also here’s a song that always puts me in a good mood, and every time someone asks me what song I want to put on it’s this. My bar actually took my song request for this song last night and it was a lot of fun. Boogie nights!

Now my presence is known on our lanky bastards. Boo signing off! Stay tuned, be spooked, and see you in MF Room!

ahbooyou, Boo, MF room's resident ghost, an avid EDM listener, has died at least 6 times (last ded by joja), lover of lemonade and alcohol, forgetful, married twice to shroom, squirrel watcher, topsy potts, and likes to wear dresses

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